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The History

Elite Motor Finishes

Elite Motor Finishes, aka EMF Collision Center & Auto Detail Corp. had its genesis in 2015. Elite Motor Finishes’ direct inspiration came from years of collaboration, employment, and partnership with industry leaders in the New England area. This hands-on experience enabled Michael W. Carvalho and Eddie Oliveira, to rise exponentially. From the utmost elite inspirations from brands such as Mercedes, Aston Martin, BMW, and Audi, EMF Auto Body has been able to reproduce such standard of care to its clients, partners, and vendors. EMF Auto Body’s focus is to give its clients the same quality of work and service as these premier and elite brands. This effort has garnished for EMF a distinguished position in the local Auto Repair market. Today, with a more sharpened vision set forth, the new CEO and Management Team evolved beyond collision and auto repair, to provide an overall elite holistic experience for our clients. A rebranding strategy and a cohesive alignment of operations now allows EMF to expand further into Detailing, Rental, and a robust Auto Hauling Logistics operation with our sister company: Bostonia Transport & Logistics Inc. 



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Partnership Expand

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Elite Inspiration

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We look forward

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The Hub

Craft and Experience

Since 2015, it has been our focus and honor to repair, restore, and service the world’s most elite automobile brands. Our commitment to costumer satisfaction, service, and loyalty is part of our Core DNA. Together, our 15+ employees, contractors, and technicians represent a diverse pool of professional backgrounds and expertise. EMF Auto Body, is where quality and expertise combine to meet the needs of clients that demand the absolute best.

Administrative Team

The management team at EMF, is highly trained and work in tandem with our technicians to repair the most challenging automobiles. They maintain a level of standard to match the most discerned client’s expectations. ‘The Team’ is ready to deliver a level of advocacy that our clients came to rely on.

‘The Team’, meet regularly with industry leaders such as insurance representatives, appraisers, and dealers, to understand how to best provide our clients the proper answers regarding their policies, and how to best serve them when a loss happens.

Our Technicians

Our expert autobody repair technicians and painters represent years if collective experience in their craft. This diversity and structure add to the overall symbiosis of the technical team. Some of our techs have had automotive training and experience in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Brazil. This background assists EMF to have direct knowledge of the luxury automobile industry through a variety of techniques. EMF technicians will deliver your car to showroom floor condition.  

Our Hub

Our EMF Facility is conveniently located in the heart of the “Auto Mile”, New England’s famous automobile sales hub. Our 13,000 square feet facility is dedicated to restoring the original aesthetic and full efficiency and operation of your vehicle. Manufacturer certified equipment, repair tools, spray booth and materials are hosted with care in our great facility we call The Hub.  

Our Difference


Since 2015, we have had the privilege to service and repair the worlds top rated automobile brands. “The maturity of EMF’s growth is directly correlated to how we treat our clients and our industry partners. I believe wholeheartedly that true service and relationships come from a place of quality, honesty, and loyalty”.

Michael W. Carvalho, President & CEO